Steel industry laborers soften, shape, and structure iron mineral and different materials to make the iron and steel utilized in incalculable items. These laborers work heaters, shaping hardware, and rolling and completing machines to make iron lines, grates, steel pieces, bars, billets, sheets, bars, wires, and plates.

organizations address homegrown wellsprings of steel that proposition shaped steel items in usable structure factors and measurements that would then be able to be additionally prepared into completed steel products like machine lodgings or steel material utilizing fabricating procedures, for example, roll-framing. Instances of standard structure factors incorporate bars, bars, sheets, loops, plates, lines, and wire.


Tina-International Services Laboratory is a specialist in material and primary property testing across different strategies including warm, rheological, and actual testing. The testing research center is driven by our particular information in material science instrumentation improvement, conveyance of top notch application techniques, and obligation to conveying what you need.

Assembling of :

• Metal Cans and Containers for Edible and Processed Foods , Paints and Chemicals , Pesticides , others

• Aerosol jars for shower

• Battery Components

• Furniture profiles

• Imitation Jewelry

• Auto Parts

• Stationery things , Electrical Panels and numerous more…..



We believe in high performance with high quality!


Key Achievements of the Company

➢ Company is driving Processor and Distributor of Tin Mill Products in India, with client base of in excess of 300 SME and MSMEs.

➢ Company will be just Integrated coordinated player for giving Ready to Use, Customized and Printed Tin size materials to fabricators and makers of Cansand Containers.

➢ We always ready to support you

➢ To guarantee Corporate Transparency and Governance, Company has effectively Implemented ERP and Business Risk Management Internally.

➢ Company accomplished Domestic Sales turnover of 45 Crores during FY 2019-20 which was increased to 85 Crores during FY 2020-21 and further focusing to increase to 150.00 Crores during 2021-22.

Journey of Sustainable Growth

At Tina-International, we have planned a structure that permits us to oversee undertakings of our organization in a straightforward way to boost its drawn out esteem, to serve its investors and any remaining partners.

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Upgrading human wellbeing and prosperity is at the center of what our items and administrations accomplish, and it’s at the focal point of how we work all throughout the planet. It drives us to gauge, oversee and focus on decreases in our natural impression. It guides us to reward the networks where we reside and work. Also, it fills in as the middle for how we develop and foster our excellent labor force.


➢Employing, creating and holding the best individuals

➢Boosting gets back to partners

➢Positive effect on the networks we contact

➢ The fundamental business movement of organization is Processing and Distribution of Tin Mill Products and one of Largest Importers and Processors in India.

➢ The organization is named MSME by Govt of India according to standards.

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